What To Do After the Interview

The process of applying to a job can take a long time. If you’re like me, the part of the job search process that seems to take the longest is after you have finished interviewing and have sent your thank-you note to the potential employer. It’s past the time that you were told a hiring decision would be made. You have heard nothing back from the employer.

You have several options now, some more straightforward than others; you can do nothing, sulk, and assume you were not chosen for the position, or you can email the employer and say something vague like ‘Do you know when you will be deciding about the position I applied for a month ago?’

Or you can continue to show your enthusiasm with a more direct email, for example:

Hello Ms. Manager,

I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed interviewing with you for the marketing position on your team. I am still very interested in this opportunity and would appreciate an update on my candidacy. Please let me know if there is anything else I can send you or that I can tell you about myself that will help you make your hiring decision.

Thank you,
Carrie Candidate

You could also email the human resources representative if you have had contact with him/her. If your email attempts don’t get a response, you can call the hiring manager and/or HR directly. (Hopefully you asked for their business cards at the interview!) Prepare what you want to say in advance, whether you leave a voicemail or speak to a person.

Unfortunately, not all employers always get back to candidates who have been through the interview process but were not offered positions. If all attempts fail, and you have had no response after many weeks, move on to other opportunities. After all, interviewing is a two-way process; the employer wants to find the best fit for the position, but you may want to reconsider if this organization is the best fit for you!

Above all, don’t take a non-reply personally. You have a lot to offer an employer, so be patient and regroup. If you feel stuck, you can also make an individual appointment at the CCD for help with the job search process.

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