Internship Series: Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin and Associates Talent Agency

FullSizeRenderMadison Findling
CFA’19 | Theatre Arts
Theatrical/Equity Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities?

Madison: I split my days between the Film/TV and Theatre divisions. I assisted the agents in each division in managing their clientele. The majority of my responsibilities included: organizing client contracts, researching new projects/auditions, sending the clients their audition appointment information, submitting actors for consideration for various projects, updating client lists, updating resumes, updating client calendars, prepping clients for their upcoming auditions, corresponding with production companies regarding actor compensation, and entering booking data into the system.

CCD: What was the best part of the experience? The worst? 

Madison: Best thing: I met so many actors I admire and got to send people on auditions for projects that are truly groundbreaking. Exciting things are coming to TV, folks! Worst thing: The industry revolves around looks and diversity in art is a slow-moving issue. There is some change happening, but not at the pace I would like. At least I have an idea of what I want to contribute to the industry when I enter it professionally!

CCD: What were the benefits of your type of internship experience? 

Madison: I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up and move to another city for a summer. I considered my internship as a test run for a potential future. I learned about what it means to live in LA and what it means to be apart of that industry. The industries in LA and New York are vastly different, so it was truly a privilege to be able to assess at such an early age what I liked and did not like about working in that setting. Working at an agency as an actor and theatre maker was pivotal for me. Rather than take another summer to act, I took a summer to hone my business skills and learn about the industry from the inside. From there, I learned some harsh truths, but ones that are better learned before and from the inside than later and on the outside. I have a good idea of how to conduct myself and advocate for myself once I enter the industry as an artist following graduation.


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