Internship Series: HeartWare, Inc.

Eugene KwanEugene Kwan
ENG’17 | Biomedical and Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities?

Eugene: I worked on creating simulations of motor drive circuits. This involved designing a circuit that mimicked the effects of a brushless DC motor with back electromotive force. Another project I worked on was to create a “golden image” file for the gas gauges the company used for the batteries inside the heart pump controller.

CCD: What was the best thing about this experience? The worst? 

Eugene: The best thing about it was how welcoming the employees were of me. I was the only electrical engineer intern this summer and the whole team treated me as more than just an intern; they treated me like a fellow co-worker. I really enjoyed getting to sit in in all the team meetings and pick the brains of the engineers there. I don’t have a worst experience during the internship, but the most peculiar definitely was when HeartWare was acquired by Medtronic midway through the internship.

CCD: What did this experience teach you? 

Eugene: I learned how important communication is and making sure all the protocols are met when you work in medical devices. I was able to see the benefits of working at a larger company and am starting to embrace the idea of working for a larger company.


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