Internship Series: Google

dmonti_career_picDavid Monti
Questrom’17 | Management, Entrepreneurship
Technical Services Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities?

David: While at Google, I supported large corporate clients who required technical assistance with AdWords. I also helped clients resolve Google policy violations and troubleshoot issues within both the AdWords environment and the client’s website and URLs. Finally, I collaborated with team members to create a predictive analytical model that forecasts the potential demand for support based on SQL queries from historical client support data.

CCD: How did you find the position?

David: I found the position through a Google information session organized by the CCD right here on campus. The resources I used most were BU CareerLink (now Handshake) to hear about the positions and LinkedIn/email to connect with employees.

CCD: What’s something you have learned that will benefit you in future experiences? 

David: One thing that I have learned through my internship is that when you become a part of a company, even just for three months, you can reach out to others. I am so happy I wasn’t afraid to send a simple email to people I had not met to express a genuine interest in what they do and get to know them. You’d be surprised how many people love to get together and share their knowledge with you. This is something I will definitely continue to do in the future, because being genuine and eager to learn opens many doors.

CCD: What’s next for you?

David: One thing that I know for certain is that I will be back in California! I fell in love with the San Francisco Bay area; it really is the best place for anyone interested in a job in technology. Google has a conversion process, and I am currently in communications with them about various roles in the company. I am also very interested in technology consulting, as a lot of Googlers come from a consulting background and speak very highly of it. Only time will tell where I will begin my career but I know that as long as I continue to do what I love, happiness will follow.


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