Internship Series: O, The Oprah Magazine

12657281_10205880979485504_6632638059196346290_oEmma Johnson
CGS/COM’19 | Communication Studies
Style Intern

CCD: Tell us about your internship experience. What were your responsibilities? 

Emma: I worked on the monthly O List as well as the annual Holiday Gift Guide. I opened, tested and called in home/food/tech/beauty/fashion products. I trafficked samples and set up all products, prices and descriptions for meetings with the Creative Director and executive editors. I maintained organization of the Style Closet. In addition, I emailed with various brands and public relations firms to call in and return specific products.

CCD: How did you find the position? 

Emma: My products (I started a a jewelry/accessories business in high school called Em John were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015. After seeing so much success I had during the holiday season and afterwards, I realized ‘The Oprah Effect’ was definitely real. I wanted to know what it was like working at Oprah Magazine and how a magazine truly comes to life! I always loved reading magazines and my dream was to work at a magazine some day. I emailed a bunch of editors my resume, interviewed over winter break in NYC and in March was notified I would be working at O for the summer!

CCD: What advice would you give another student about making the most of an internship experience?

Emma: Ask lots of questions! I asked so many people working at the magazine what internships they had during college, how they got started in the magazine industry, what they studied in college, where they went to college, etc! It really helped me to figure out what I wanted to do (internship wise) for the future. Everyone at the magazine gave me such great advice and even told me to reach out to them in the future/to stay in touch.


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