Internship Series: Hispanic Black Gay Coalition

Snapchat-8092536546459717902-1Amanda Reveles
CAS’17 | Astronomy
Youth Conference Organizer

CCD: Tell us about internship experience. What were your responsibilities?

Amanda: I was in charge of soliciting sponsors and in kind donations as well as creating a website for the conference. I also communicated with a lot of youth and other nonprofit organizations to get facilitators for workshops for the conference, as well as contacted potential keynote speakers.

CCD: Why did this experience matter to you? What did you learn? 

Amanda: I have attended this conference in the past and wanted to contribute to its making this year so I reached out to the organization and that is how I got my position. I learned a lot about communication. Not just how to communicate with a group but how to draft an email so that the message gets across clearly which is important for a lot of careers.

CCD: What are some of the benefits of this type of summer experience? 

Amanda: I juggled a lot of things this summer that have really given me important insight into what the future may hold for me. I feel like I have become more familiar with the city and how to network effectively. I also worked as an undergraduate research assistant, which gave me a good idea as to what that kind of career looks like. It was a busy summer, but I feel I am capable of handling all of these things so much more efficiently now and that is important since I will be continuing this internship into the fall semester.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans? 

Amanda: Working with nonprofits is difficult work, but it is rewarding to see how you can impact the lives of other people by engaging in something that is important to you and many others. I feel like it is important to be involved in these organizations that strive to make the world a better place, and it something that I could see myself doing in the near future.


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