Networking Outside the United States

Are you an international student, or an American who dreams of a career overseas? If so, don’t forget to think globally when conducting your job search! Factor in any language proficiency and/or cultural knowledge you have, as well as the networking contacts you may have outside the United States

These contacts might include your family, friends, schoolmates, colleagues, teachers, or others. Using your network lets you take advantage of your global experience. Check with these contacts to see if they know of any potential positions in your area of interest and your chosen location.

So that your contacts can help you, make sure you know what you’re looking for.

Know Your Location.
Decide on your top 2 or 3 countries, regions, or cities to focus on. You may need to modify your resume or CV and cover letter so that it meets that particular countries’ specifications.  Use GoinGlobal to help you tailor your job search materials for your country of interest.

You can access GoinGlobal through Handshake under the “Resources” tab. You’ll find job research resources, resume and CV guidelines, open positions, and more.

Don’t Forget LinkedIn.
BU alumni work all over the world in a wide variety of fields and organizations. LinkedIn is an excellent resource to connect with alumni for networking and informational interviews.

Join the BU Alumni LinkedIn group and search for BU alumni by country, major, and professional field.  You can also look at other LinkedIn groups to join by areas of interest.

Join Professional Associations.
This is another great way for you to enhance your network. Many professional associations are international in scope and might have international conferences, seminars, or events for networking or continuing education.

If you plan to relocate, joining a professional association in your intended destination will let you connect with others in your field at a particular location.

The CCD website has also identified additional websites of interest for those focused on a global job search. Check out our Global Experience Resource page for more information.

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