Internship Series: Bates White

JAlbright-headshotJeremy Albright
CAS’17 | Economics
Summer Consultant

CCD: Tell us about your summer experience. What were your responsibilities?

Jeremy: I found this position by attending an info session at 100 Bay State Road that was presented by Bates White. I performed all of the duties that are normally assigned to entry level consultants. These tasks were all focused on creating a presentable solution to the client’s litigation and included: participating in conceptual meetings with partners and principals, analyzing and collecting economic data, presenting results of analyses, and researching industries and legal frameworks.

CCD: What were the best and worst things about the experience? 

Jeremy: The best thing was the chance to experience firsthand what economic consultants do. The duration and intensity of the internship was such that by the end of the 10 weeks I could confidently contribute the case work. Learning skills like time management and being able to communicate complex ideas clearly are things that will undoubtedly make me a strong candidate for any career I choose to pursue.

The hardest part about the experience was adjusting to the way of life at the firm, both in and outside of the workplace. As in most consulting professions, the work flow tends vary between extremely long hours and lulls with little case work. The lifestyle of Washington DC was also a tough transition from Boston or my home city of Denver.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans? 

Jeremy: Before this experience, I was unsure about what potential career paths were available to students in my major and about what my long-term professional path might look like. This internship has given me first-hand experience in the consulting field, which has made me aware of all the skills that I have that could be easily applied to this industry. Through this experience and my colleagues, I have also become aware of how transferrable these skills are.

I had initially thought of pursuing an MBA prior to working at Bates White, but after seeing the type of work that was done by the PhD economists, I found myself leaning more towards an academic post-graduate path. I feel that I can now clearly identify both what is available to me and which of those I am most passionate about.


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