Internship Series: Giorgio Armani

Mollie WasserMollie Wasser
Questrom ’16 | Marketing and Organizational Behavior
Human Resources/Recruitment Intern

During the summer of 2015, Mollie Wasser was a Human Resources/Recruitment Intern for Giorgio Armani, which she found on

CCD: Tell us about your experience. What were your responsibilities?

Mollie: I was able to assist in the full cycle recruitment of interns and entry-level corporate positions by critiquing resumes daily, conducting phone screenings, scheduling in-person and Skype interviews with hiring managers, compiling new hire paperwork, and maintaining job postings on multiple platforms.

One of my main projects was the G.A.I.N. Fall 2015 program. I was in charge of reviewing resumes, choosing candidates to move on to the first round of interviews, scheduling the interviews between the candidates and the HR coordinator, and then following up and scheduling second round interviews. I also reviewed applications to support key hiring initiatives (from floor staff to general manager) at retail locations in both the United States and Canada. On top of that, I have even done some proactive recruiting as well. One larger project that I took on was searching LinkedIn for possible candidates for an executive assistant to the CEO. I reached out to people and scheduled them to meet with the HR coordinator.

CCD: What was the best thing about the experience? What was the worst?

Mollie: The best thing about the experience was the corporate culture. I have never worked for such a huge lifestyle brand before, and learning the ins and outs of the company as a whole was incredible. Everyone who works for the Giorgio Armani corporate office is truly passionate about what they do and work very hard to reflect Mr. Armani’s vision in the United States and Canada. The only bad thing about the internship was the commute! I lived home in Long Island this summer and had to commute into Manhattan every day which was time consuming and a bit tiring.

CCD: What is one thing you’ve learned that will benefit any future internships or other hands-on experiences?

Mollie: I learned quite a bit about communication. I had a send out many external emails and make a lot of phone calls, and even was able to conduct an interview myself. I believe that the communication skills that I learned from this experience will truly put me ahead in my future career path.

CCD: What are the top 3 skills you’ve learned from this experience?

Mollie: Communication, time management, and fashion industry recruiting techniques.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans?

Mollie: This experience has truly shaped my future plans. As a rising senior this year, I was looking for my summer experience to be one that would give me insight into a good path for me to take upon graduation this upcoming spring 2016. I feel passionate about recruiting now, and this is the first job I have done where I feel passionate. I now know that I would love to pursue a career in HR and recruiting after college.

CCD: What advice would you give to another student about making the most of a summer experience?

Mollie: I would definitely advise students to always offer to do more for their company. One of the great things about working for Armani this summer was that although I was in the recruiting department, I got my hands in a bit of everything. I helped out with payroll and benefits a bit because when I was done with my assignments for the day, I reached out to other departments and asked if they needed help with anything. Learning a bit about different departments outside the one you are focused in is a good way to get a more well-rounded view of the company.

CCD: What are the benefits of the type of summer experience you did?

Mollie: My summer experience was extremely hands-on and educational. Each week we had intern meetings where all interns would get together, discuss our weeks, and usually had guest speakers present to us. I learned about all different sides of the business from wholesale, to visual merchandising, and even a bit about finance and store development. I also feel that working 4 days a week 9-5 allowed me a real view of a full-time job. I got projects that were my own, things that I was in charge of, and I truly felt like an integrated part of the HR team.

CCD: What’s next for you?

Mollie: Next up is finishing my senior year at BU! I am working at the BU Alumni Relations office for the year and will be searching for a full-time post-graduation job. I am hoping to live in either Boston or Manhattan after graduation, but really I’ll go wherever someone wants to hire me.


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