Secure Storage for Recommendation Letters

Applying to graduate school? Seeking career opportunities in the academic field? Confused about organizing all of the documents necessary to apply for such opportunities?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Interfolio may be a helpful resource for you to explore.

What is Interfolio?
Interfolio is an online service that provides a secure method for storing letters of recommendation, transcripts, writing samples, teaching evaluations, resumes, and other important documents; all for a nominal fee. It also allows you to send out selected documents when applying to graduate school or post-graduate positions.

How do I get documents into my online Interfolio account?
Once you have established your Interfolio account, you can upload your documents. You can also request letters of recommendation directly through the system. When you make a request, your letter writer will receive instructions, either electronically or through a printed form (your choice), for submitting the recommendation letter to Interfolio.

What options does Interfolio have for sending out my documents?
You can choose how you would like Interfolio to deliver your documents to your selected institutions. Available options include mail (USPS or FedEx), email, uploading letters to an online application, and sending electronically to a ByCommittee position or other electronic receiver.

What if I have a letter writer who doesn’t want to use Interfolio?
Let them know that they can establish a free account through Interfolio (help for letter writers). The account allows them to respond to all recommendation requests from students and colleagues in one place. They can also upload letters directly to Interfolio and are able to access and edit any letters that they have uploaded. Hard copies of recommendation letters can also be mailed or faxed to Interfolio if they prefer to not open a free letter writer account.

Applying to graduate schools, fellowships, academic positions, etc. can be overwhelming. Interfolio is a resource that may help manage the process.

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