BU Students Rocking It at Top Companies

When someone asks you where you want to work someday, is there a “dream” organization that comes immediately to mind?

This summer, CNNMoney released its annual list of the World’s Top Employers for New Grads. For the list, CNNMoney paired up with Universum, a research firm, to determine the top employers that college graduates want to work for.  The list is varied and includes employers from all over the world and many different industries.

According to this list, many BU grads are finding their dream jobs at these organizations!

BU surveys its undergraduate degree recipients each year to learn about paths taken following graduation (their first destinations after BU), including employment, graduate school, military service, and volunteer or service activities. Based on this annual first destination data, the CCD knows that BU graduates from 2013 and 2014 have gone on to work at 32 out of the 50 organizations listed!

Based on campus-wide data, Boston University graduates have accepted positions at the following organizations. Their ranking on the list appears in parentheses:

PwC (2)
EY (3)
Goldman Sachs (4)
KPMG (5)
Deloitte (6)
Apple (7)
Microsoft (8)
J.P. Morgan (9)
L’Oreal (11)
McKinsey & Co. (12)
Boston Consulting Group (13)
Morgan Stanley (14)
Unilever (17)
Nestle (18)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch (19)
Coca-Cola (20)
IBM (21)
Johnson & Johnson (22)
Deutsche Bank (23)
Adidas Group (24)
Barclays (27)
Citi (28)
HSBC (29)
Accenture (33)
GE (35)
Grant Thornton (37)
UBS (40)
Intel (41)
Anheuser-Busch InBev (43)
Siemens (49)
Samsung (50)
Stop by the CCD and let us know where you want to work someday. Also, help us add even more organizations to the list above. Watch your inbox for an email from your career office about how you can participate in the first destination effort during and after your senior year!

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