Internship Series: Twentieth Century Fox Television

Katy PhinickKaty Phinick
COM/CAS’15 | Public Relations
Brand Management and Digital Intern

During the summer of 2014, Katy Phinick interned at Twentieth Century Fox Television. She used her networking skills to land the position and gained a lot of experience while there.

CCD: Tell us about your experience. What were your responsibilities?

Katy: I monitored trends in digital entertainment by reporting on daily Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) deals, digital news, and other projects in the television industry. I also researched, identified, and prepared presentations on successful social media behavior and created a “How To” guide for successful social media practices that was distributed by the studio to talent.

CCD: How did you find your internship?

Katy: A family friend introduced me to a contact at the organization, and, through networking, I was able to land the internship.

CCD: What are the top skills you’ve learned from this experience?

Katy: I gained knowledge of the digital entertainment industry as well trend analysis and media tracking. I also learned what it is like to work at a major corporation and how to navigate the corporate culture.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans?

Katy: I am much more interested in branding and digital innovation. I previously wanted to go into traditional media, but I now see, through this practical experience, the importance of new media in business.

CCD: What are the benefits of the type of summer experience you did?

Katy: I was part of a mentorship program and received access to high-level executives. I also got real world job experience and got to go to movie premieres, tour the FOX lot, as well as other fun benefits.


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