Help Employers Find You

Trying to find an internship or a job can be overwhelming. There are many out there, and you probably have a lot of questions. Which ones are right for me? What do those position descriptions mean? What counts as prior experience?

One way to help make your search easier is upload your resume to Handshake. This feature allows your uploaded resume to be available to employers who are searching for students with your skills and experience. However, this doesn’t mean you can stop searching and just let the perfect internship or job come to you.

How to set up your resume on Handshake:

  •  Get your resume reviewed at the CCD’s review hours.
  • Upload your resume via the DOCUMENTS tab in your Handshake profile. Be sure to name your resume. We suggest: FirstnameLastname_Industry-or-Major
  • Select one to be the default, if you have more than one resume uploaded (which is the one employers will see).

All employers recruiting at BU have the option to use Documents to identify and contact students who might be a good fit.

Employers do reach out to students and encourage them to apply for open positions and/or invite them to attend a campus recruiting event (information session, Career Fair) to speak with a recruiter.

What does this mean for you? Well, it might mean that you get an email from a recruiter about a position you might not have been considering that ends up being a great fit.

There’s no guarantee that you will be contacted by any employers, but wouldn’t you rather make it possible for opportunity to knock at your door?.

Note: Be careful about recruiting scams. Legitimate employers will NEVER mail you a check ahead of time, ask you to pay an upfront fee, or hire you without an in-person interview. If it seems sketchy, contact our Employer Relations team at

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