Internship Series: Eversnap

emma mcadamsEmma McAdams
COM’17 & Questrom’17 | Public Relations, Business Administration
Public Relations/Communications/Marketing Intern

During the summer of 2014, Emma McAdams worked as an intern at Eversnap. Through this experience, she learned a lot about the photography industry, herself, and what she really wants to do with her future.

CCD: Tell us about your experience at Eversnap. What were your responsibilities?

Emma: My responsibilities at Eversnap included creating pitches, contacting media outlets, and contacting and confirming wedding and corporate clients. Additionally, I created content for the Eversnap blog and other wedding sites, used social media to create buzz about the product, troubleshot the website and app bugs, connected with vendors in the events industry to build relationships, and created/mediated app usability tests. I was also responsible for analyzing customer data, sending strategic notification emails, collecting user feedback, and delivering general customer service.

CCD: How did you find this internship?

Emma: I found it listed on and sent them a cover letter and a resume.

CCD: What was the best thing about the experience? What was the worst?

Emma: The best was working in a startup environment where I had to wear many hats. One minute I was troubleshooting a bug, and the next I was on the phone with the Marriott hotel’s corporate events manager organizing a partnership. This did get stressful sometimes, as I was expected to juggle a lot of tasks at once and teach myself how to use the social media and analytics systems, but the amount of experience I gained made it totally worth it.

CCD: What is the one thing you’ve learned that will benefit any future internships or other hands-on experiences?

Emma: I learned about the importance of targeted email communication and was taught how to code Mixpanel emails. Emails are a great way for any business to engage customers, retain them, and obtain their feedback. With Mixpanel, I coded a “Summer Vacation” email sent to users who downloaded the app at the beginning of the summer (in June). Even if they didn’t end up making an album after reading the email, it reminded them about Eversnap and perhaps drove them to create another type of group album.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans?

Emma: Establishing a personality and reputation for a tech company among its audiences is challenging but rewarding. It’s interesting trying to take a complicated product or software and create customer loyalty and understanding. This experience has made me realize that although the startup world is really exciting to be a part of, I want to work for a more established brand or a larger tech company.


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