Internship Series: Schneider Associates

Allison Penn

Allison Penn
COM’15 | Mass Communication, Advertising
Integrated Marketing and Social Media Intern

During the summer of 2014, Allison worked as an Integrated Marketing and Social Media Intern at Schneider Associates. Over the course of this internship, Allison realized she would like to pursue something in the creative side of advertising. 

CCD: Tell us about your experience. What were your responsibilities? 

Allison: In this position, I created content and wrote posts for the agency’s website, blog, and social media accounts. I scanned the news for relevant media or consumer product news and generated tweets and posts to be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. I also wrote social media posts for clients including Sunstar GUM, Virginia College, Ecotech Institute, Northeastern University, and Spagnolo Gisness & Associates.

Additionally, I participated in a variety of special events. For example, I staffed Northeastern University’s Whiteboard Innovation truck as part of a program launch, attended a media event for Dynatrap, and sat in on a live Twitter party for Sunstar GUM.

I also worked on an intern project with a group of interns to develop an integrated public relations/marketing launch plan that we presented to all Schneier Associates employees and executives.

CCD: How did you find the position? 

Allison:  I found this internship through networking and building relationships, both very necessary skills to have in the professional world. A friend’s sister is currently a Senior Account Executive at the company and was looking to recruit summer interns. When my friend told me about the available positions, I was immediately interested and reached out to her sister. After one interview, I received an offer to intern on the marketing team.

CCD: What was the best thing about the experience? 

Allison: The best thing about this experience was being able to work on three special events. By sitting in on a live Twitter party, I was able to see into a much deeper side of the PR and marketing business. I also enjoyed seeing my work with specific clients be published on their social media accounts. Creating social media posts for the agency itself kept me in-the-know with the media and current events.

CCD: What are the top 3 skills you’ve learned from this experience?

Allison: Be a go-getter, build relationships, and take pride in your work.

CCD: How has this experience changed your future plans?

Allison: This experience has changed my future plans because I now know that although I’d be happy to work at a public relations or marketing agency after graduation, it is not where I’d ultimately like to end up. I believe I’d prefer working at an advertising agency doing more creative work for a variety of clients or work in-house for a company doing public relations or marketing for a single organization.

CCD: What advice would you give to another student about making the most of an internship?

Allison: I’d recommend that other students focus on building relationships, asking questions, showing enthusiasm, taking pride in his/her work, and taking advantage of every opportunity made available during their internship.

CCD: What were the biggest benefits?

Allison: I worked three full days per week and achieved almost total immersion in the day-to-day routine. I was able to see fully in to the agency because of its small size. I got to work with multiple clients, employees, executives, and interns because of my schedule and the nature of the agency.

CCD: What’s next for you?

Allison: I chose to continue interning at Schneider Associates in the fall in order to gain more experience in traditional public relations. Next semester, I am going to take part in the Los Angeles Internship Program and hopefully gain experience by interning at an advertising agency in L.A.


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