Working Students: The Importance of Making Time for You

Does juggling a full course load, two jobs, and weekly student group meetings have you down? I am here to tell you that there is a simple solution, which is brought to you by YOU. That’s right; YOU can unburden yourself of the pressure that comes with your many responsibilities.

Being a college student is demanding, but it is important to remember that you need to squeeze in a little time for yourself.

“But that’s impossible,” you say.

It really isn’t.  It’s a matter of prioritizing, working and studying smarter, and, at times, making difficult decisions.

Challenge yourself to identify one thing that really makes you happy and make time for it every day.

If you find yourself up until 2:00 am every night pushing yourself to get through the last 30 pages of Plato’s Republic, then you may need to look at the way you manage your time.

Or maybe, you are a time management expert, but between your four classes and jobs on and off campus, you just have too much on your plate. If that’s the case, it might be time to reevaluate your needs.

Are you making a stop at Starbucks every day to fuel up between class and work? Could you go without those two cups of coffee you purchase daily (totaling $25-$50 per week), so you don’t have to work an extra five hours every week? Could it be that you really don’t need that extra job, but instead a lesson in money management?

Maybe managing your time or your money isn’t an issue. Maybe the real issue is that you feel overburdened because you’re so focused on meeting your own high expectations with school and work that you forget to set aside time for yourself outside of these priorities. What makes you happy when you aren’t sitting in class or behind a customer service counter?

Challenge yourself to identify one thing that really makes you happy and make time for it every day. I am not saying throw caution to the wind. I am not saying don’t finish reading those last 30 pages or flip all the sticky notes off of your desk at work and walk out.

Find 20 minutes to catch up on an episode of your favorite sitcom, plan out your homework in advance so you can get that extra hour of sleep, or say yes to grabbing dinner with your roommates. When you give more to yourself, you will ultimately give more of yourself. Don’t forget to just BU.

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