Internship Series: Boston Scientific

Zoe KabelacZoe Kabelac
SMG’14 | Business Administration
Collaboration and Social Media Intern

During the summer of 2012, Zoe Kabelac was the Collaboration and Social Media Intern at Boston Scientific. Zoe found this opportunity by taking advantage of an alumni presentation through the MIS Society. 

CCD: Tell us about your experience this past summer at Boston Scientific?

Zoe: My role was to drive the direction of a training site that would help educate employees on how to use Microsoft SharePoint. My boss gave me overarching goals we wanted to achieve, but it was my job to gather user requirements, then to design, and ultimately construct the site.

CCD: It seems like you were able to gain a lot of new skills.

Zoe: I really got to be a part of the action and help direct the project. It was definitely a great learning opportunity. Being able to play such a large role, as an intern, gave me a lot of real world experience and on the job learning that you don’t find in classes.

CCD: What were some other things you were able to accomplish during your internship?

Zoe: Some of my day-to-day activities included prototyping and creating step-by-step instructional videos and tutorials. I also helped brand and manage Facebook and Twitter accounts. On top of just learning through experience, I was also able to attend a Lean Business Process course, and I even got to go to Minnesota for a SharePoint training with other members of my team.

CCD: What was the hardest part of your internship?

Zoe: Working on my main project in the early phases was a little difficult and sometimes I was unsure of what I should have been doing. However, I think learning how to manage yourself and your time and really set milestones for a project is all part of the intern learning process.

CCD: What is one thing that you took away that will be most beneficial in your future?

Zoe: I learned how to manage a project, work with team members across the country, and use new software applications I had never been exposed to before.

CCD: What’s next? How has this experience changed your future plans?

Zoe: I will be interning at Boston Scientific again this summer!


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